We at Biocrux are bunch of nature lovers providing 360 degree solution for waste management in most sustainable way and as per MSW 2016 guidelines.

  1. First company to create User interfacing interactive machine for collection of PET bottle
  2. We provide complete 360 degree solution till recycling of the flakes into resource


Biocrux 360 degree model is win win solution for all stakeholders like

Waste producer : Reduces waste volume up to 85% instantly, save space and adhere to MSW 2016 rule for Hotels & Resorts, Railways, Mall & multiplexes, Educational institutes, Residential & commercial properties, Clubs & other public places.

Environment : Reduce excess fuel burning by 9-10 time in transport due to reduced volume, reduce CO2 emission due to 100% recycling, no landfill, reduce water & energy consumption.

Recyclers : Due to collection at source intrinsic value is better for recycling and reduced volume improve cost efficiency and viability.

BIOCRUX India Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of developing, assembling and deploying user friendly interactive recycling machines at Point of consumption for wastes. We are proud to say that we are  first company of India  to launch automatic noiseless plastic bottle crushing / flaking. Called reverse vending machine (RVM) machine in India with 360 degree solution for plastic bottle waste at the point of consumption. First Machine launched in 2012 is also successfully running.

"End to end solution of solid waste management with responsible care commitment and at the point of consumption is at the core of our unique business model. Frugality is our virtue and open Innovation is our Religion. To begin with we started with most visible inconvenient truth … PET bottle solution platform. Initiated work on other solutions, some of which can qualify as "Zero to Dump " Asesh Sarkar, Managing Director.

Our current focus is on Pet/plastic bottles, cans recycling and managing packaging waste at source. We ensure/generate possibility of 100% recycling of empty PET bottles : like water bottles, cold drinks, juices and cans at source of generation and the recycling depots.

Some benefits of “Pet Neutral Program” Biocrux drives for corporate and community:

Reduces carbon footprint - Diminishes plastic driven pollution

Recycles 100% non-degradable plastic waste

Saves space by reducing volume up to 85%

Saves fuel by reduction in transport cost & recycling

Helps corporate in adhering to municipal laws by auto segregation of pet wastes

User participation, in recycle Do-it-yourself, reward them with gift coupons

Gives everyone a chance to contribute towards better environment/swatch bharat Abhiyan

Certificate to consumer of machine for plastic recycled thru the machine




“Recycling option at point of consumption for cleaner environment. Integrating waste producer and recycler through an organised platform for providing every Indian/corporate an opportunity to contribute to the Clean India Campaign.”


Offers a proven & customized solution that keeps litter off the premises, streets, institutions and reduces the need for other expensive waste management programs. Our customized solution offers:

Reduction in space requirement for wastes by instantly reducing volume upto 90%, save manpower in waste management

Waste segregation and recycling solution as per Municipal solid management (MSW) rule 2016

Take project and offer Solution to fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR) & Extended producers responsibility (EPR) for corporate

24/7 visibility of project executed through state of art technology


Our 360 degree solution gives positive impact on environment and natural resources. It support in recycling process

Maintains material properties for recycling as material captured processed at the source of generation

Save fuel consumption in transport due to volume reduction by 9-10 times at source

100% recycling of waste : no landfill, sea or forest dump

Increase economic viability in recycling, reduce water & energy requirement in recycling


Our machine is easy to use for end user, make recycling convenient and easy

Any person can drop their bottle while crossing the machine, it starts and stop automatically

It create awareness among people about recycling

Digital Reward & recognition system built inside machine motivate people to use more & more

Attached with safety checks and rigid, energy saving features

24/7 live display of contents makes it engaging

Support Swachh Bharat (Clean India ) campaign of government


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