Technical Specifications: Smart Bin

Details Machine Features:

Smart Bin is IOT enabled, live monitoring of machine with Dashboard, Reward system for user.

  • 3 mouth Bin to replace for collecting 3 types of waste as per MSW rule
  • Online tracking and Bin full alert
  • Compression system for volume reduction


250 kg




MS, powder coated

Suitable for all types of dry waste:

Polybags, Bottles, Cans, Tetra packs, Masks etc.

Compression System inside

Bin capacity

60-100 ltr

Green Powder Coated

Optional features for selections in Smart Bin

  • Manual Compression System / Sensor enabled compression system
  • Solar Panel with 3 days battery back up
  • Customised Reward system for user
  • Online tracking of waste deposited
  • USB charging port
  • Optional outer design on Volume
  • Bin Full alert on Machine / SMS alert
  • Stickering from all side of Machines
  • LED framing /Screen placement on machines
  • Audio System
  • Sensor/Motorised gate open and close

Smart Bin

Smart Bin is built on Biocrux designed IOT enabled Technology for collection of dry waste from public places - reducing the volume of waste at source. A unique experience for public for disposal of waste and keep their city clean

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