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  • MSW Segregator: Highly effective machine for segregating the dry waste in 2 or 3 Vibratory Sieve Bed,Capacity from 10TPD to 50TPD, Conveyer Connected – 3 (for three type of waste)
  • Conveyor – Flat or Inclined/Decline: Manual Easy way of solid waste segregation into 14 to 16 material like Pet Bottles, Tins, Tetra Packs, Bags, Plastics, Glass, Metal, Clothing, E-waste, Rubber, Thermocole, Sanitary Pads, Shoes etc. Faster feeding shredder & Movement of waste after segregation. Flat, Inclined or Declined Conveyer ,Multi Roller aligned flexible PVC Belt, VFD Variable Speed Control
  • Organic Waste shredder: Organic shredders are generally used for shredding the bigger and hard particles of organic waste into smaller pieces which helps for rapid composting in further process. 3 TPD to 50 TPD. Shreds particle sizes up to 10-15 mm. Auto Reverse to clear any thing struck inside
  • Plastic shredders: Plastic Shredders are generally used for shredding the PET bottle, HDPE, LDPE particles into smaller pieces which helps in reduced volume and higher recycling value. 40 Kg/ hour to 500 kg/hour. Shred particle sizes up to 10-16 mm, Customizable Hopper height & Chamber size to suit client requirement
  • De-dusting Machine - Fatka/Phatka: It plays an important role in cleaning the polyethylene carry bags, films LDPE material before recycling. It cleans the mud, dirt stuck to the polyethylene carry bags, films, etc. 50 kg/hr to 500kg/hr. Top feeding and discharge from side outlet.Mud separated through the bottom opening
  • Chipper cum Garden waste shredder: This type of Shredder is used for Horticulture Waste (Garden Waste). There are two hoppers provided in this machine. Top Hopper is for general waste of leaves, fruits, etc. and side Hopper is used for feeding long branches of trees as per the capacity of machine.50 kg/ hr to 300kg/hr

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